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I’m Debbie Benami-Rahm, M.S., M.H.C. and I welcome you to the world of DBR Career Services.

Are you ready to wake up to the sound of your alarm and literally jump out of bed because you are so happy to start your workday?

Are you seeking to fill an open role with someone who is the right match for the job responsibilities, the hiring manager/team and will want to make a positive impact on your business?

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“Debbie’s coaching provided me with the confidence, tool and tips that I needed in order to pursue a smart and successful job search. Her years of experience as a corporate recruiter and a Mental Health Counselor really show in both her subject matter expertise and her coaching skills. Best of all, she is a genuinely nice person, who is very easy to talk to and truly cares about finding the right career and job for you.”

– Alain A., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“A couple of months ago I worked with Debbie Benami-Rahm, M.S., M.H.C. and DBR Career Services to help me answer the following career guidance questions I was seeking from an Executive Career Coach,

1.  Does my resume make sense for the change I want to make?
2. Are my career goals realistic?
3. After being in my job for 10 years, I wanted feedback from someone with real industry experience.
My pre-work on my resume and LinkedIn paid off, as we spent minimal time on that and maximum time strategizing how I should approach identifying and applying for opportunities.
Her input was just so valuable. Due to the new approach it was notable that I was getting interviews, but what’s more… articulating the thoughts with her really helped me to be most prepared.
Final accolade, it was a big help to receive a critique and guidance from an executive of People & Operations……and that’s what DBR Career Services brings: a strong history of practice to learn from.”

-Sam R. Los Angeles, CA 


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