Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

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Where do I start when setting my career goals?

Assess your interests, skills, talents and passions. An honest, in-depth look at what makes you (or would make you) jump out of bed each and every workday, excited, energized and feeling like you are going to fully tap all of your talents.


How do I do this?

There are many career assessments available. I will work with you to review the results of the assessment of your choice and will guide you as you move your results into a personalized Action Item Plan that we develop together, resulting in a job search strategy geared to your individual career path options.


 How do I find out if what I think I may want to do, is really going to be for me?

Start now. Ask people who are doing what you want to do, how they got started? What did they do when they entered the specific field? Industry? Company? Agency? Business? Job? What do they suggest to help you find out more about the specific work you think you may love to do? Can you get real world exposure to what you think you may want to do? Who can they refer you to contact personally fro brief informational/exploratory meetings?


Any special advice for me, once I have set me goals and know it is really what I want to do?

There is a very famous expression, I will simplify it even more: Do it! Do not quit your day job right away. Ease into your new found work of passion and talent. Do some part –time, contract, consulting, per diem, gig work or do some research or volunteer work to get exposure in your new work life.


How will this provide me with a new full time work opportunity?

This will serve a two –fold purpose. You will really see what the work is like and you are setting yourself up to move into it full time, when the timing is right for you. You will be amazed at how talent, passion, strong interpersonal skills and relationship management skills are recognized. Eventually, your hard work and the proper timing will result in an opportunity for you to consider. The most important step is for you to commit to yourself that you do want to do what you love instead of not being satisfied with your current work life.


What can you do for interview anxiety?

Prepare, prepare and prepare more. Familiarize yourself with the job posting/description of the job you have applied for. Ask everyone that has ever done the job, interviewed for the job, managed the job or knows of anyone in the job, what it takes to get the job done and what they suggest you do for optimum interview preparation for that specific job and company.


What else can I do to prepare myself for the interview?

Become thoroughly familiar with the detailed requirements of the job. Structured behavioral questions are the most common mode of interview. Be ready to cite tangible examples from your past work experience to illustrate your ability to perform the job. Create a list of all of you transferable skills, experience, results that are a direct relationship to what is being asked for in the job posting. Be prepared to detail how you accomplished the required duties and responsibilities. Update your technical skills! Take Free online courses to be familiar with the latest technology, including AI and technical platforms that are specific to your field of interest.


What should I know about the organization that is interviewing me?

Everything you can possibly learn about the organization before you go in for your interview. Research the financials, the company/business/ agency history. Read the press releases. Set up social media feeds to your inbox, connect to LinkedIn, Facebook/META, Professional Association and Targeted “Groups” where jobs are posted and industry specific information is continually updated. Find out about the vision, mission and cultural philosophy of the company including their commitment to DEIA&B and social responsibility and philanthropy. Know what is going on in the specific industry in “real time”. You cannot be “over informed”.


What questions do I ask when the interviewer says: ”What questions do you have for me?”

Arrive at the Zoom or In Person interview with a prepared list of questions. If they are addressed during the interview then you won’t need to ask them, but if they are not, you will have them ready to ask them at the end and be a “prepared” candidate!

How you present from the start of the entire interview process to end, is a reflection to a Recruiter or Hiring Manager of how you will be as their employee. Prepared, enthusiastic, passionate, responsive, reliable with stellar interpersonal, detailed oriented skills …..all make you a VERY competitive candidate and potential addition to their team.

A few examples:

What do you like best about working here?

What do you consider the biggest challenge in this position right now?

Why is this role available?

What are some of the special initiatives that are currently being worked on and how do you see my experience contributing to what is currently on YOUR “to do” list now. (Really – you are asking them to think about all you can do to help THEM, emphasizing the value you bring to them.)

What additional information can I provide for you to help you decide if I am the right candidate to fill this role?

When are you seeking to have this role filled and the candidate onboard?

What would you like for me to do as a next step to follow up on my status? May I email you next week or should I contact the Recruiter directly?