Move Your Career Forward: How To Get Unstuck

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If you are a woman at a career crossroad, or you know one who is and want to help them put an immediate end to a career crisis, Move Your Career Forward is the perfect resource.  It is possible to have a rewarding career, devote time to your family and your passions, pursue further education and take care of your health.

Does this seem totally undo-able? The fear you are facing is real. The doubts you have about making the right decision are real. They will not go away until you take that first step to get unstuck from where you are now.

Maybe you are returning to work after dedicating years to raising a family. Maybe you are a new Mom looking to work outside of your home for the first time since having your child/children. Or maybe you are a retiree missing the camaraderie and the income of going to work and want to see what is out there for you.

On top of all this, you have elderly parents who need you, just as you needed them at one time in your life. Now is the time to give back to them and be there for them as they turn to you for your help.

How can you possibly find work that will let you do all of this. The answers lie in the choices you make. You need to give your plan careful thought to see how you can find the work you love and have the flexibility to be there for your family.  There’s a way to have it all.  Be the type of mother you want to be for your children. Be the type of daughter you want to be for your parents when it is their turn to need you.

There is a job or a career out there for you that will allow you to put your talents, skills and passions to good use and bring you fulfillment. All while you are trying to be the best you can be for everyone who needs you and not falling apart yourself.

You must first move from the career crisis mode. This is that place where you are stuck. Your fears are causing you to be in a total state standstill. This is when you reach out to someone to help you solve your problem. This CD has the answers for getting you unstuck. See for yourself or share it with a woman in career transition who is very important to you!

Debbie has a three step plan that will help you move from “stuck” to being “unstuck” and get you started on the road to your desired career outcome. This CD recording of an interview she gave for the Women’s Mastermind Group in Ft. Lauderdale, FL contains powerful answers for you to move your career forward.