Uncover the Hidden Applicant: A quick interview resource guide for hiring managers.

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Are you worried that you won’t hire the right person? How is your job affected if you don’t hire right? What will it cost if you make a wrong hire? It all boils down to the dreaded interview questions. Do you have that last minute scramble to put together interview questions each time you have to hire a new person for an open position?

How about the shock you have after the first 90 days when you realize that the person you had interviewed bears no resemblance to the employee you hired? What do you have to do then – start the process all over again? What happens to your customer/client service? What about productivity? Even the morale of your other employees takes a hit.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a slew of questions already formulated, ready for you to choose from to find the right hire? Questions that can help you find out how a candidate performed in the past, to help you predict their future performance with you and your organization?

Enter The Uncover the Hidden Applicant resource guide. The cure to help you hire right the first time. Discover how easy it is to find the right match of skills, knowledge, talents and abilities. This concise collection of open-ended questions for 30 of the most common performance skills usually required for jobs is ready for you to use. Proven to be effective for a cross-section of industries and sectors of the workforce, this is the answer to your interview question worries.

There are 90 behavioral based questions and helpful probes to help you uncover the right candidate for your open position.

You don’t have to spend time figuring out how to phrase your questions in a legally safe way. It’s already done for you. You even have a definition for each performance skill so you can decide if it is a skill that your job requires. You can use them just the way they are or customize them for your job.

End your interviewer anxiety now! Order your copy of Uncover the Hidden Applicant now.