Career Development

“Our employees raved about the useful and applicable information you presented. Your contributions and knowledge provided Jackson employees with an enriched opportunityto learn about their hidden talents in their professional career at Jackson…………while providing it in an entertaining and motivational environment.”

Jackson Health System, Miami, FL

 “Her passion for organizational development and self-improvement was evident  … the response to Debbie’s presentation was overwhelmingly positive. Comments from attendees included ‘she made me think about my own job and what I do each day to contribute’ and ‘now I want to explore my own passion and not be afraid…’. We are pleased to be able to present professionals such as Debbie Benami-Rahm at our Administrative Professional Day recognition events. ”  

Deborah Reato, Former Director of Operations, Barry University, Miami, FL                

Tap Your Talent Keynote Speech: HSMAI Florida Keys

“….Debbie’s practical ideas are presented in her Tap Your Talent keynote in a very creative way. Our Rotary Club was amazed at the amount of useful information Debbie was able to convey effectively in just 20 minutes. She is definetely not a speaker to be missed!”

Randy B. Lichtman, Past President, Miami Lakes Rotary Club, Miami, FL

Tap Your Talent Keynote Speech, Miami FL

Debbie Benami-Rahm, M.S., M.H.C. is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association and the International Federation of Professional Speakers. She was the 2007 – 2008 VP of Membership and a Board Member of the South Florida Chapter of the National Speakers Association. Debbie is the recipient of the 2006 – 2007 Chapter Member of the Year Award.

 Tap Your Talent Keynote Speech Miami, FL

Debbie’s Tap Your Talent keynote speech is a must for professionals at all levels. Attendees at corporate conferences, employee recognition events, business retreats and professional associations leave recharged and ready to take their own talent and the talent of their employees to their full potential.

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Are you an employer concerned about increasing employee engagement & retention and reducing attrition? Will your top employees leave if their talents are not used and recognized? Employee turnover costs range from 1.5 times salary plus benefits for an hourly worker to upwards of 3 times salary plus benefits for a top manager or executive.

Do you want to reduce your health costs? Research shows that lack of job satisfaction leads to stress related illnesses.

Here is what Miami Dade College participants had to say after attending DBR Career Services’s Career Development workshop: ” ……I now know how to combine what I love to do with my work.” “……as a result of the career goal setting workshop, I can use my passions to achieve a higher career goal.”

Participants in Broward Community College’s DBR Career Services’s career development program said: “…practicing assertiveness, documenting your accomplishments and feeling good about what you are doing are so important.” “…Debbie gave us helpful hints to take charge of our BCC careers.”

A recent survey found that 75% of workers are still looking for their dream career. It is predicted that 57% of U.S. workers are looking to change jobs.

You can maximize the engagement and retention of your talent by providing your managers and your employees with career development programs. They will set attainable goals and be given practical ways to achieve them to increase both job satisfaction and productivity.

All DBR Career Services’s career development programs include:

Preliminary consultation.

Organizational needs analysis.

Customized facilitator – led programs.

Formulate individual career development action plans.

For Managers: Engage and Retain Your Employees in Challenging Times™ 

As a result of attending this program your managers will be able  to:

• Identify 3 critical employee retention drivers.
• Understand 3 crucial leadership factors to increase employee engagement
• Formulate retention strategies to address current workforce needs.
• Learn how to effectively conduct an Employee Engagement Discussion.
• Develop an Employee Retention Plan of Action™

Providing your supervisors, managers and directors with the HR² = The Formula to Engage and Retain Your Employees™ program will ensure that they have the necessary tools to motivate, engage and retain your most valuable asset: your employees!

For Employees: Tap Your Talent and Showcase Your Strengths™

As a result of attending this program, your employees will be able to:

• Clarify their work values and link them to your organizational strategies.
• Formulate realistic career goals based on talents, skills, knowledge and abilities.
• Identify mentors and internal workplace learning opportunities
• Enhance their manager/employee communication skills
• Prepare an individual employee Talent Showcase Plan™

Providing your employees with the Tap Your Talent™ program will increase productivity, job satisfaction and retention! Employees who are using their talents and strengths and have open communication with their manager will stay!

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