Talent Development

Working with Leaders to Select, Engage and Retain Top Talent

Do your leaders perform to the extent of their abilities providing measurable, attainable results?

Do you create a work environment promoting optimum employee job satisfaction?

Do you have maximum employee engagement and retention?

Results for the most recent Job Satisfaction Survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management revealed that  top employee job satisfaction factors include:

• Employees relationship with their immediate supervisor
• Management recognition of employee performance
• Communication between employees and management
• Opportunities to use skills/abilities
• Meaningfulness of job
• Job-specific training

These factors are mutual concerns for both leaders and their employees. When they are addressed in an organization, employee engagement and retention are increased, turnover is decreased and attrition cost reduction is a key financial outcome.


 Talent Development Program New York City 

When you bring Debbie Benami-Rahm, M.S., M.H.C. in, Debbie combines her 25 years of Human Resources, Organizational Development and personal management experience to provide you with her powerful content and platform skills.

“Debbie continues to be the consumate professioinal at her craft. With an interactive style of delivery and rapport building, she transforms the class into a collaborative environment.” Desmond Nicholson., Former Director, Sales Training, Fortune 500 Financial Services Corporation, Hagerstown, MD.

“Debbie is a fantastic business partner – she’s been a superb Subject Matter Expert/Presenter for several online Web Seminars we’ve produced. She is a bright, personable, dedicated to detail and deadlines, and is thorough and knowledgeable. I enjoy her style and working with her!” Melissa Pollock, Former Director Sales & Marketing, Learning and Development Company, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

“Debbie’s passion for her work shows in the way she reaches out to her participants. Her many talents include her ability to engage participants with her knowledge, experience and story telling.” Adriana Garzon., Former Manager, Fortune 500 Financial Services Corporation, Montvale, NJ.

In Debbie’s talent development programs your leaders will:

• Develop ways to attract, select and hire your top performers.
• Learn skills to improve communication between your managers and employees.
• Identify and maximize core skills, talents and abilities in your employees.
• Aquire skills to develop your employees strengths.
• Increase their abilities to engage exemplary employee performance.

The success of these programs comes from the dynamic energy that is created in the sessions between the participants.


Uncover the Hidden Applicant: A quick interview resource guide for hiring managers.

In addition to her own customized programd, Debbie’s leadership development certifications include:

• Achieve Global
• Development Dimensions International
• Behavioral Interviewing
• Career Transition
• 360 Feedback
• Blessing White
• The Browning Group: Emergenetics
• Advanced Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

By blending the knowledge and experience of  managers and supervisors with Debbie’s high energy facilitation skills, optimum learning and growth results!

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